Trillion Aviation

Airport business and non-airline revenue strategies

Trillion has a core competency in strategic business planning and analysis; specification development and public solicitation; contract development; and management and implementation of short and long term non-airline revenue development strategies. All aspects of a diverse revenue stream are essential to maintaining the financial integrity and self-sufficiency of the airport. Trillion is experienced in developing comprehensive programs that minimize the reliance upon airline rates, fees, and charges and promotes the use of a broad based revenue portfolio to support the funding of the airport. As part of a comprehensive analysis regularly performed with each of its clients, Trillion is experienced at reviewing each non-airline contract and identifying ways to increase non-airline revenue based on industry best practices; reducing expenses under existing contracts through higher utilization of resources; cross-utilizing resources for maximum effectiveness; maximizing land rent revenue from airfield development; and incorporating more aggressive terms as part of ancillary agreement negotiations. Additionally, with the legal experience Trillion provides through Mr. Benzon’s legal background, Trillion is able to propose draft language that is more defensible in negotiations, avoiding legal quarrels with a focus on bringing closure to the deal points. This strategy has been successfully incorporated with clients to achieve contracts that incorporate industry “best practices”. A sampling of areas where these concepts have been successfully incorporated include:

  • Rental car concession solicitations, contracts, and facility development/financing
  • Development of complimentary ancillary commercial facilities on airport land
  • Parking management agreements, revenue models, rate schedules, and capital investment analysis
  • FBO contract terms, solicitations, negotiations, development, and capital investment options
  • Airport managed ground handling initiatives and alternatives
  • FIS feasibility studies and development
  • Airport advertising programs
  • Food, beverage, and retail concession solicitations, contracts, and negotiations
  • Analysis and identification of capital funding alternatives
  • Competitive Assessments analyzing all aspects of an airport’s operation
  • Core Services