Trillion Aviation

Capital Development Program:

Airports, airlines, passengers and the nation’s aviation system depends on an efficiently and effectively managed airport infrastructure to support operations, safety, and security improvements. Capital Development Programs demand the right strategies, innovative solutions, expertise in negotiating and obtaining approval, and responsible financing plans to meet the varied needs of all affected stakeholders. The principals at Trillion Aviation have been involved in guiding more than $20 billion in capital investments during their careers. Trillion understands the perspective of the airlines/tenants and the airport and is skilled at seeking the right balance between the demands of each. These projects include projects at non-hub airports to negotiating and managing complex multi-billion programs at the largest airport hubs in the U.S. Our team brings the experience guiding airport and aviation investments from the perspective of an airline/tenant, the airport operator, and balancing that with the objectivity of a strategic aviation consultant. We understand the process and decisions underlying the short and long term needs of capital development investments and the associated financing impacts.

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