Trillion Aviation

Fixed base operator strategies and implementation

Trillion Aviation has assisted numerous non-hub and small hub airports in addressing FBO negotiations and alternatives analysis investigation. FBO’s impact all airfield activity that is conducted at the airport so that it is imperative that the FBO offer competitive and reliable service to its customers while generating significant non-airline revenue to the airport. Trillion Aviation is experienced at analyzing the respective business models and outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each, giving guidance to arrive at the preferred strategic alternative. Alternatives could range from an airport owned and operated FBO to negotiating a new agreement with a traditional FBO or hybrid models that fall somewhere in between.

As a part of this process, Trillion typically conducts a business case analysis (BCA) describing why an airport should consider the management and operations alternatives of FBO operations. The BCA will include the pros/cons of such actions, issues and objections, financial analysis, and a step by step strategy to implementation the selected approach.

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