Trillion Aviation

Ground Handling planning & implementation

Many airports are facing issues related to ground handling and the need for the airport to step up and provide the service for airlines that do not provide it internally. Low frequency airlines are seeking this service from the airport operator in order to introduce service or obtain a competitive cost to maintain service that is not always available through the traditional sources. By providing this service, airports can control their own destiny by providing quality service at a lower cost to the airlines and cross utilize the resources to achieve maximum efficiency. Services that can be provided through this program include ground handling, de-icing, ground service equipment maintenance, and potentially fueling depending on the model chosen.

Trillion has used industry “best practices” to develop ground handling services for its airport clients including LLC structures, 3rd party contracting, and internal staff resources. Trillion’s goal is to assist in developing the strategy, evaluating the alternative means of accomplishing the strategy, and steps for implementation.

A successful ground handling program should be coupled with alternative non-airline revenue growth strategies to reduce costs and improve customer service. These products can be useful in both the airport’s bottom line and attracting new commercial air service.

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