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About Us

Trillion Aviation (Trillion) was formed in 2006 to address the need for comprehensive airport business strategies in the evolving aviation industry. Our principals offer fresh approaches to airport business models as well as a depth of knowledge based on extensive industry experience that includes involvement at over 150 airports.

Trillion is an aviation consulting firm comprised of former airline management, airport senior staff, and experienced consultants. We specialize in providing business strategy consulting to the aviation industry with an emphasis towards airport management. Trillion’s primary objective is to assist our airport clients with guidance on how to enhance revenues, contain operating costs, and prioritizing/justifying capital development. Company business-related specializations include, but are not limited to, airline, rental car, and parking negotiations and agreements; financial analysis, modeling, and feasibility studies; airport concession and logistic programs; fixed based operator and ground handling plans; air service development and analysis; terminal facility maintenance, compliance, and asset management; airport capital project owner’s representation; and non-airline revenue generation strategies.

As a full-service aviation business consultancy, Trillion Aviation engages in a broad array of airport disciplines including business and real estate, financial, air service, and capital program representation. Importantly, Trillion believes that each of these disciplines are interwoven aspects of the overall airport business model and we have the unique opportunity to provide all of these insights to our clients.

Trillion Aviation often teams with other aviation companies to offer additional services to our airport clients; however, Trillion does not contract directly with airlines, rental car companies, or other third parties that would conflict with our core business.

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