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Michael Bown

Michael Bown      Vice President



Mike has almost 30 years of industry-related experience. Prior to joining Trillion, Mike was responsible for Sabre’s Airport & Air Service Consulting practice, managing a staff of 12 people & leading most projects. Prior to Sabre, Mike spent 9 years at the Kiehl Hendrickson Group (KHG) in a similar role, before KHG was acquired by Sabre in 2002. Mike also spent almost ten years at Northwest Airlines, primarily in Network Planning and Forecasting roles, before joining KHG.

Airport Consulting and Network Planning

Mike has worked with on many air service development projects during his career. This has included clients ranging from major international hubs/gateways, to small, Essential Air Service airports. During this span, Mike has participated in many air service successes. These successes have ranged from the startup of mini-hub operations, to the launching of new, multiple nonstop routes, to more incremental solutions. Below are just a few of the projects from which Mike has worked on:

  • Large Hub Airport (>15 million enplanements). Led most domestic air service development projects during course of contract. Resulted in Low Cost Carrier (LCC) initiating a small hub, linking cities on the east/west coast.
  • Small Hub Airport (400,000 enplanements). Creative air service initiatives led to new LCC services, in addition to capacity increases from major network carriers.
  • Small Hub Airport (200,000 enplanements). Have developed presentations that combined both the market demand in conjunction with vast economic growth from the region. Airlines have responded by adding significant amounts of service, making this Airport one of the fastest growing airports in the U.S. over the past 3 years.
  • Medium Hub Airports (>5 million enplanements). Worked with Airport during a time when one of major airlines was significantly reducing service. Worked to backfill this service with additional service to many of the largest cities in the U.S. Attracted many new services on a major LCC.
  • Small Hub Airport (150,000 enplanements). Assisted Airport with attracting a major Vacation Packager and LCC service to a variety of leisure and business destinations.
  • Large Hub Airport (>25 million enplanements). Aided this Airport’s air service efforts through the development of technically-driven air service presentations, illustrating economic prospects of international service.
  • Essential Air Service Airport (25,000 enplanements). Aided this airport’s efforts through EAS process, primarily by analyzing multiple airline proposals and recommending the option most likely for growth. Current Load Factors are in excess of 80% and the potential for growth now exists.

In airline consulting roles, Mike was responsible for leading a host of projects. This work took into account scheduling, network analysis, forecasting and fleet planning skills. This work required a deep understanding of the airline industry and specifically an in-depth understanding of low cost carriers. It also required use & understanding of all key U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) databases. Some key projects:

  • Major U.S. LCC. Wrote business plan and was responsible for forecasting, scheduling and initial development of Airline hub. A subset of this work entailed O&D level forecasting, in conjunction with cost forecasting and fleet analysis. Major parts of this LCC remain intact today.
  • U.S. LCC Carrier. Analyzed potential hub options, including DFW, MCI, IND & MSP. Project required understanding of industry, forecast modeling & low cost carrier stimulation. This airline eventually went out of business after 9/11.
  • U.S. ULCC Carrier. Examined alternative hub growth plans as a part this Airline’s early years. Subsequently conducted a Fleet Planning analysis of various fleet types, determining best aircraft for future growth plans. This carrier still operates today.
  • U.S. LCC Carrier. Analyzed mini-hub operation from a major U.S. Hub Airport. Required extensive modeling experience, in addition to understanding LCC stimulation and forecasting. Result was significant growth in this Airline’s scheduled hub operations.
  • Large Regional Airline. Responsible for developing alternative schedule scenarios tied to alternatives in this Airline’s prorate/revenue sharing contract with its major Airline partner.
  • Major U.S. Airline. During the late 1990’s, worked with a large investment group that was looking at a variety of acquisition scenarios. Analyzed various merger partners, that included a variety of major airlines, before determining that a spinoff of the current airline was the best option.

B.A. in Economics from Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA
M.B.A University of Iowa, lowa City, IA